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Genre: Drum and Bass / Break Beats

LJ has already proven his mad coding skills at Revision during this year’s live visual coding compo, now he returns to the stage to make you dance! Following Malodix’s footsteps (who sadly could not make it to the party), LJ takes on the quest to bring you relentless, fast-paced drum and bass, guaranteed to squeeze the last bit of party energy out of you!


Genre: House

“The real party is outside!”. Our local DJ from Bremen “Timbren” will once again spin his vinyls and get Saturday’s outdoor action kicking real hard!



Genre: VJ

Witness evilbot’s vice president of Revision and winner of the ‘Live Coding Shader Compo’ doing visuals together with the guy handing out ‘Meteoriks Awards’ for Best Art Direction and winner of the Style Award, syncing dickbutts to tunes!
Projekt Ingwyr


Genre: Folk / Pagan Dance

Project Ingwyr was born on a whim, the whim to play a certain style of music. Long term collaborating musicians Henning and Kristina wanted to bridge the gap between dancy modern beats and club sounds on one hand and acoustic, folky, spiritual elements and singing on the other.

This bridge creates a connection between our modern, technically detached world and our roots in nature and culture. Their resulting music is fast to grasp, entangling and driving the listener into a pleasant dancy-trancy state. Name and logo are taken from pagan religions of the north: The god of inspiration, productivity and fertility is asked to grant his power to and through our music. Keep being yourself, stay out of the box, get into the flow – that’s the driving message of Project Ingwyr. Henning and Kristina were recently joined by a new group member, Snaplight, together they will perform brand new songs.



Genre: Various Styles / Scene Music

Pinball master “FRaNKy” has not yet revealed what tunes he will pack and bring along, but we are absolutely positive that his set will be amazing!


Genre: Open

Legend has it that artmaster dojoe knows more than 255 varieties of BASS, and he is not afraid to use them!



Cosmic Confects | Genre: K-Pop

The Choco Confectioneries return, this time as sub-unit “Cosmic Confects“ consisting of RuNa, E-vee and Lizzy. The three girls of the dance group that is actually made up of five members will again show a variety of dancing performances, from group to solo dances, having chosen funky tunes as well as some ballads. Please look forward to a performance that will take you on a journey through the diversity of South Korean pop music!


Genre: Various Styles / Scene Music
Ish is slowly becoming a regular highlight in Nordlicht’s DJ lineup. He will make your ears bleed and melt your shoes with a toxic combination of DnB, Dubstep and various other established demoscene flavours!


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