Thank You for a great party!

Here are some party pictures (from Widdy and Bombe):

2nd Invitation released! (mIRC)

Spectrum invitation demo for mIRC by Digital Sounds System, released at Outline 2013

1st Invitation released! (C64)

Official Nordlicht Invitation Demo for Commodore 64 by Arsenic, released at Revision 2013

Here are some of this year’s party features:

      • Big party hall with space for 100 demosceners
      • Additional disco party room with in-house bar (for the thirsty)
      • Two dedicated sleeping rooms (for the sleepy)
      • A very decent PA sound system (for audiophiles and bass lovers)
      • Two big screens, one in each party area (for the square pixels)
      • Outdoor area with BBQ grill and firebowl (for the cozy moments)
      • The famous free BBQ session and breakfast will return (for the hungry)
      • Party Network and Internet Access throughout the hall (for your compo entries)
      • Graphics, Music, Demo, Gravedigger, Wild and Surprise Competitions
      • DJ sets and live performances (see timetable for details)
      • Free tea and coffee for everyone (to sober up)
      • Shops and in- / outdoor swimming pool within 5min. walking-distance
      • And much much more …

Have a look around the site to get a better feel for what to expect at Nordlicht this year and don’t forget to register! We are looking forward to meeting you this summer!