Choose Your Preferred Ticket:

Tickets are available online only (not sold at the party place!) PayPal is our preferred payment method. However, if you really can’t pay with PayPal please get in touch with us and we’ll work out some other way e.g. a bank transfer.

Important: Please include your scene handle (the one you signed up with here) or else we won’t know who the ticket is for! Click “Add” on page 2 of the paypal checkout process to reveal a text box (where it reads “Message to the Organizers”) and enter it there. If you got no scene handle write “NONE” into the text box, you’ll then need to confirm your identity upon arrival at the party place.

Nordlicht Regular: €25

The regular ticket is for all who would just like to visit and enjoy the party in its entirety with no further commitments and at a very fair price point.
It comes with the following features:

  • Valid for the entire duration of the party (3 days)
  • A table space to put your stuff on inside the party hall
  • LAN and WLAN internet access (sponsored by Viprinet)
  • BBQ Session and Sunday Breakfast included
  • Participation in any of the competitions


Nordlicht Supporter: €50 or more

The supporter ticket provides a considerable boost to what we can spend on party features. This will help us with our food, networking and other expenses and improve everyone’s party experience greatly.

In addition to all of the regular ticket features above, as a supporter-ticket holder you will:

  • be mentioned on our website as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
  • be mentioned at the prizegiving as a supporter (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
  • you can send us a sponsoring ad to be shown on the website now and / or on the big screen during the party

Please choose your desired option: