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Nordlicht 2012

Evoke 2013 Demoparty
Heise (c’t Magazin)
Nectarine Demoscene Radio
Outline 2013 Demoparty
Rewired 2013 Demoparty
Revision 2013 Demoparty
SceneSat Radio
SunSpire Records

The Nordlicht Team:

Main Organizers:

SunSpire [TiTAN / SSR / SceneSat]
Sentcool []
wysiwtf [TiTAN]


Support Organizers:

Alpha_C [trbl / chimera music]
DJ Bernd (PA Sponsor)
Ish [TiTAN / 3LN]
kaomau [DeviantArt]
mog [trbl]
neoman [TiTAN]
RbR [DSS  / 3LN]
red [TiTAN / Viprinet]
skomp [DSS]