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Based since 2005 in Berlin, Computadora is ready to flash the dancefloor mashing up old 8-bit songs with the humans’ flavour for groovy glitches and squarewave electro party. His sounds come from the C64, Amiga & Atari XL/ST and the passion comes from the early computer demoscene fanaticism and extensive performing as part of various punk / hardcore / IDM / electro-constellations over the years!


Project Ingwyr was born on a whim, the whim to play a certain style of music. Long term collaborating musicians Henning and Kristina wanted to bridge the gap between dancy modern beats and club sounds on one hand and acoustic, folky, spiritual elements and singing on the other.

This bridge creates a connection between our modern, technically detached world and our roots in nature and culture. Their resulting music is fast to grasp, entangling and driving the listener into a pleasant dancy-trancy state. Name and logo are taken from pagan religions of the north: The god of inspiration, productivity and fertility is asked to grant his power to and through our music.

Keep being yourself, stay out of the box, get into the flow – that’s the driving message of Project Ingwyr.



DaTucker from Borne, The Netherlands, famous in the demoscene for his DJ sets at Evoke, Outline and more, returns to Nordlicht this year to perform an energetic sequel to his amazing 8-bit computer and electro set that will, once again, get everyone moving like crazy until the early morning hours!

Sadly, DaTucker informed us that he’ll be unable to perform his DJ set due to unforseen circumstances. We hope to see you next year, Jarno :(


More awesome live events are being planned, more to come!


Situated in the Osnabrück area, DJ Arvy aka Triace is an avid ProTracker user since 1992 and has been DJing since the middle 90′s. While his first nick DJ Arvy refers more to his DJ works, Triace is more about his demoscene related releases. As a big fan of tracked music and everything Amiga, it comes at no surprise that his next set will be all about the undoubtedly best home computer in the world: “The Amiga Demoscene Mixtapes are going to hit Nordlicht, baby!”



Choco Confectioneries is a dance group which was founded in 2012 in Bremen and since then is made up of four young and enthusiastic females: RuNa, Lizzy, E-vee and Qiu. We cover existing dances of Asian but primarily Korean bands, while having the aim to spread the love for Asian music and musicians outside of Asia by expressing ourselves through dancing. Additionally, dancing is simply a passion the four of us share.

The genre of the music we are dancing to is called “K-Pop” (Korean Pop), besides there is J-Pop (Japanese Pop) and C-Pop (Chinese Pop). A specialty about “CC” is that we teach ourselves and each other, and learn from one another as well – we are no professionals and we do not have any coordinators or dancing masters but at times rely on the help of friends and sponsors.

We hope to bring joy to those who see us dancing and infect them with the fun we have when footing it!



The USB Floppy Drive Emulator by GOTEK is a neat little device that was originally designed to emulate floppy disk drives inside PCs, replacing the actual drive with a USB slot and thus making the need for real floppy disks and drives obsolete. A clever chap that goes by the name H.M is developing a new firmware known as the “Cortex Amiga Floppy Emulator“. It makes the GOTEK compatible with all Amiga computers and can boot ADF disk images straight off a standard USB stick! All that is needed is a special USB cable and the Cortex firmware to flash a stock GOTEK drive within just a few minutes.

Many sellers around the world immediately smelled an opportunity to sell pre-flashed GOTEK drives for often ridiculous sums of money on a certain popular auction platform. But the original, unflashed GOTEK drives cost just around $25 at most! At Nordlicht, you’ll be able to bring your stock GOTEK drive and have it firmware flashed by us, for free! Bring as many drives as you want, we’ll have the USB cable and the XP software tool needed to flash the device.

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