21.07. - 23.07.17 Lichthaus Bremen, Germany

The 6th edition of the famous demoscene summer event held at Lichthaus in the City of Bremen, Northern Germany. You are being invited to join us for three days full of tense party action, competitions, live music and all the good stuff you can expect from a fun demoparty!

Help us fund and prepare the party in advance by getting your Party Ticket now!


Nordlicht '17 invitation demo "Aurora Borealis" by T$. Released at Revision 2017 in the 8k PC Demo compo.


"Mordsdicht" by Nuance & Genesis Project & Oxyron. Released at Underground Conference 2017.


"Nordlicht 2017 Invitro" by Desire. Released in June 2017.


  • Party hall with space for 130+ visitors and their computers
  • Large outdoor area, open-air stage and BBQ place, day and night
  • Bigscreen, HD projector, lights and a phat PA sound system
  • High speed internet across the party hall, sponsored by Viprinet
  • Graphics, music, photo, wild, demo competitions, old- and newschool
  • Free Saturday BBQ and Sunday breakfast, also vegan options
  • Live DJs, music acts and seminars (see timetable for details)
  • In-house bar that sells drinks and snacks at fair prices
  • Separate sleeping room with limited capacity
  • A friendly team of organizers that care!

    We are very honored to announce that this year, Individual Computers will sponsor Nordlicht 2017 with hardware prizes for the competitions! Company owner and retro hardware specialist Jens Schönfeld will also be present at the party with a hardware shop and showcase iComp’s latest products.

    Entry must run on oldschool hardware (C64, OCS Amiga, NES, SNES, Genesis etc.) | Entries for platforms without standardized image formats (Atari XL, C64 etc.) must be submitted as executable program, otherwise standard formats such as .IFF for Amiga are fine | Include at least 4 “plausible” work stages and some background information about how it was created e.g. which system and tools used
    Use any graphics tool you want, rendered or drawn images | Hand-drawn pictures must be scanned with at least 300dpi, NO photographs! | Include at least 4 work stages for your submission and some background information about how it was created e.g. which system and tools used
    No max filesize but please use common sense here | C64, Amiga, Atari, GP2X, GameBoy, DTV and others | Use our C64, Amiga and PC-DOS compo machines or bring your own hardware! | RCA, VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs supported, if unsure provide a video for your entry! | Maximum showing time: 8:00 minutes | Don’t forget to include all custom libraries your prod requires.
    PC-Win 32/64 or PC-Linux 32/64 (for others, get in touch!) | RCA, VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs supported, if unsure provide a video for your entry! | Maximum showing time: 8:00 minutes | Don’t forget to include any custom libraries your production may require!
    Maximum size: 80 x 1000 | PC ASCII’s will use 80×25 VGA Mode for displaying | Amiga ASCII’s will use the built-in topaz font for displaying | Animations are not allowed | Remote entries accepted for this category | You are very welcome to use Nordlicht’s official unofficial ANSIshader tool (MAC/PC) which shall be one of the faster methods to generate decent content.
    Anything that doesn’t fit in any of the other categories goes here | Maximum showing time: 5 minutes | Live performances accepted (Make it good or we’ll throw bananas at you ;) ) | Material should somehow fit with the demoscene spirit | Remote entries allowed, make sure we can easily play it back on our hardware!
    Dig out one of your century-old, unfinished works from the past: Pictures, music, animations, games … surprise us! | Provide some background information about your entry, e.g. how and when | Maximum showing time: 5:00 minutes
    Up to 1920×1080 pixels in 32-bit color, larger photos will be scaled down | Slight retouching allowed, please provide the original photo too!
    Submit your entry as .ahx .mod .it .xm or .s3m | Maximum file size: 2 MB (2048 kilobytes) | Maximum song length: 4:00 minutes | Songs will be played back in XMPlay, Deliplayer or “ProTracker on real hardware” | XMPlay set to “sinc” and “sensitive” by default, tell us if you need different settings
    Submit your entry as .flac .wav .ogg or .mp3 | .mp3 or .ogg files must be at least 192 kbps (lossless formats preferred!) | Maximum song length: 5:00 minutes | Songs will be played back in WinAmp 5
    Max filesize: 32 kilobytes | Please also include a pre-recorded audio file for your track (.ogg / .mp3 or .flac) | Music only, a static infoslide will be shown on the bigscreen | Max precalc time: 60 seconds | Music must end in silence (no looping) | Max song length: 4:00 minutes | Must provide own hardware if not running on Windows PC, Amiga or C64 (.sid)
    Competitions that are announced and held spontaneously while the party is taking place.


    With over 50 demoparties around the globe each year, the demoscene today is still very much alive and kicking. Nothing beats the friendly atmosphere of a place where creative people gather to celebrate the art and show off their latest works and skills in a series of tense competitions. At Nordlicht, you will be able to experience the demoscene first-hand, speak with longterm sceners and newcomers alike, take part in various graphics, music and demo competitions and most importantly - make new friends and have fun!


    The following companies, groups and individual people are helping us to bring this year's party to life. Thank You!



    ( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Alpha C [Outline]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Bodo [Rabenauge]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Bombe [Farbrausch]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Henne [The Dreams]

    ( ゚ー゚)っ♥ gaspode [gaspode]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ insane [Rabenauge]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ mr.coke [Alcatraz]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Losso [AttentionWhore]

    ( ゚ー゚)っ♥ moqui [CARROTS]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Ninja [The Dreams]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Ramses [Rabenauge]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ rc55 [NOVA]

    ( ゚ー゚)っ♥ SvOlli [XayaX]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ tIn [Newline]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Titus [Rabenauge]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ v3to [Oxyron]

    ( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Ford Prefect [klickbrett]( ゚ー゚)っ♥ Demoscene Passivist [Akronyme Analogiker]