Only five days until NORDLICHT! It is time for another round of short announcements:

  • Is your remote compo entry done yet? Better get to it as you only have a couple days (TWO!) left to submit it online!
  • Travel Update: Despite the current roadworks at Central Train Station, all trams will operate normally during the party weekend!!! So getting to us should be a breeze!
  • We’re setting up a cozy space in the main hall with old TV sets and projectors and a fair bunch of retro games consoles. Current systems include a Sega Megadrive, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64 and a classic XBox. If you happen to have any games lying around at home or other stuff you find a worthy addition, feel free to bring them along!


Construction work at Bremen Central Train Station.

Bremen’s tram and bus operator BSAG has begun major construction work at Bremen Central Train station today on 22nd June, which will carry on until mid-September. Since they literally rip out the old rails and modernize the entire area in front of the station, some travel chaos is to be expected. Also, our public transport guide on the Nordlicht website might not be very accurate due to this. We will keep an eye on how things develop and then post an update on how you can reach the party place!

BSAG construction work at Central Train Station

We heartily welcome Individual Computers!

Individual Computers

We are very honored to announce that Individual Computers is going to sponsor Nordlicht 2017 with hardware prizes for the competitions!

Company owner and retro hardware specialist Jens Sch√∂nfeld will also be present at the party with a hardware shop and showcase iComp’s latest products.

1 1/2 Gamecubes – The Nintendo Wii

Widdy - 1 1/2 Gamecubes: The Nintendo Wii

“.. The last video games console for which bedroom coders could develop more or less decent stuff.” Retro gaming master Widdy will talk about his coding projects on the Nintendo Wii and showcase what the hardware is capable of (and why you should consider making a game or demo for it!) More details about Widdy’s seminar can be found on the new seminar page.

SvOlli to hold an Atari 2600 VCS seminar & workshop!

SvOlli - Your Very Own First Atari 2600 VCS Demo!
This year at Nordlicht, demoscener and Atari 2600 VCS enthusiast Sven Oliver Moll will hold a hands-on coding seminar, in which he guides you step-by-step through coding your very first Atari 2600 VCS demo! The seminar is split into multiple parts (1. introduction / 2. inside the hardware / 3. coding session) and will last several hours. More details about Sven’s seminar can be found on the new seminar page.

We have trophies!

I did some trophy shopping in a really nice store in Munich. But our trophies are still a bit shy… They actually prefer to hide in that Datastorm bag.

If you want to see them and maybe even win one you have to come to Nordlicht 2017!