The retro videogames corner with its 8 and 16 bit consoles has been an integral part of the party for a few years. This time however, it will be outfitted and maintained by the “Oldenburger Computer-Museum e.V.” , who will proudly provide a handful of their exhibits for you to game on! Pretty cool, right?

Oldenburger Computer-Museum e.V.

You can find their official website here: Oldenburger Computer-Museum e.V.

Introducing the new 512 Byte Competition!

Some valuable feedback regarding the new 512 Byte Compo has been provided, and we’re excited to present you the finalized rules:

  • All platforms allowed
  • Your entry must consist of a single file with a hard limit of 512 bytes
  • Please check our hardware section if we can show your entry “out of the box”

You are free to supply:

  • The hardware itself (please contact us beforehand so we can ensure it can be connected properly)
  • A hopefully preconf’d emulator. If your prod runs on standard DosBox 0.74 just pack the .config file
  • A video capture of the hardware running your production (binary must be included)

If 512 bytes are not your shoesize but you are into even smaller footprints instead, this is still the right compo for you. We will make sure to display the size of every entry on the beamslide during the competition. As with all compos except for Gravedigger, we will gladly accept remote entries too! However, if we end up with too many entries, preselection will be applied in favor of locally submitted entries at the party place.

A Book Introduction with SvOlli: “Making Games for the Atari 2600”, by Steven Hugg (2016)

There have been requests to do a follow-up to my “An Atari 2600 VCS Demo in just a few hours” workshop. This is (almost) not needed anymore, because there now is a nice book by Steven Hugg, giving a very good in-depth view of that machine: “Making Games for the Atari 2600”
So come and join me for a review of that book. What topics are covered? Should anything have been left out? Is there anything missing?
Duration: 45-60 Minutes | Location: Seminar Room (upstairs)