Combined GFX Compo

  • Use any graphics tool you want, rendered or drawn images, old- and newskool
  • Please provide some additional info about how the image was created
  • Photographs are NOT allowed, it must be a digitally created or altered picture
  • Maximum resolution is 1920x1080 with max. 32-bit colors
  • Remote entries accepted for this category

3-Second Loop Compo

  • Yes we're here to beat the 7-second loop compo
  • Create a sound loop of no longer than 3 seconds
  • To ensure flawless playback, only WAV or FLAC are supported
  • NO remote entries accepted for this category

Powerpoint Karaoke Compo

  • You are given a completely random powerpoint presentation
  • You have 10 minutes to present it to your audience
  • Audience will vote for the best / funniest performer
  • NO remote entries accepted for this category, duh!

Gravedigger Compo

  • Submit one of your century-old, unfinished works
  • Pictures, music, animations, games .. whatever, surprise us!
  • Maximum showing time: 5:00 minutes
  • Remote entries accepted for music / GFX only (make sure we can actually display them!)

Combined Music Compo

  • Any old- or newskool platform, tracked and streaming
  • Submit your entry as .flac .mp3 .ogg .mod .it .xm .s3m or .sid
  • Maximum song length: 5:00 minutes
  • Songs will be played back in WinAmp, XMPlay or Deliplayer
  • Remote entries accepted for this category

Combined Realtime / Demo Compo

  • All platforms are allowed (Please bring your own hardware for Non-PC entries!)
  • A stock Amiga500 with no extras is available (Kick 1.3)
  • VGA, RCA and SCART inputs supported - if your machine requires something else
    then please provide a recorded video for your entry!
  • Maximum showing time: 10 minutes
  • Don't forget to include any custom libraries your production may require!
  • Remote entries accepted for this category

Deadline for all remote submissions is saturday, 14th july 2012, at 18:00 GMT.