A look at the party location

What looks like a peaceful place is actually a quite lively celebration house with people booking parties there every week. But it is fairly safe to assume that this place has never seen a demoparty before. Time to get that changed!

With both an indoor and outdoor area there should be enough room for about 30-50 sceners. We are currently working on a plan to 'extend' the indoor area to create additional space. Don't expect a 3-star hotel from us, however the warm summer month of july shall hopefully provide us with fantastic outdoor weather for some excellent BBQ and campfire action.

The house consists of two rooms, a bar with integrated kitchen (not pictured), two toilets and a roofed outdoor area in addition to the large outdoor area in front of the house. We haven't done any decorating yet, so please ignore the table layout in this picture for now as it will completely change! There will be space for at least 16-20 desktop computer users and even more room for sceners who only bring their laptops or no computer at all. And of course there will be a bigscreen right in front of it all, ready for the glorious compo night!

By the way, don't forget to bring your Wi-Fi enabled stuff and network cables for the PartyNet!