Who's going to be there?

Below is a list of all the sceners who have registered so far. Space at the party venue is limited to a maximum of 50 people, so it is important that you register early enough to avoid disappointment. Once the limit has been reached, registration will close. Please note that you do not actually have to pay for your ticket upon registration. If you prefer you can still purchase it at the party place, altho preorders will greatly help towards funding the event.

These sceners are planning to attend Nordlicht.
There are NO tickets left, sorry!

NameGroupPC TableTICKET
01.Germany (DE)SunSpireSceneSat Radio / titanOrga TableN/A
02.Germany (DE)SentcoolOrga TableN/A
03.Germany (DE)wysiwtfOrga TableN/A
04.Germany (DE)kaomauOrga TableN/A
05.Germany (DE)Dr.DoomOrga TableN/A
06.Germany (DE)VirgillRebels^HaujobbN/A
07.European Union / Other (EU)mogtrbl`3lnYESN/A
08.Germany (DE)Ford PrefectROZYESN/A
09.Germany (DE)FearYES
10.Germany (DE)CONSTRSi^OnslaughtYESYES
11.Germany (DE)moquiHS^titanYESYES
12.Germany (DE)neomantitanYESYES
13.European Union / Other (EU)jixtitanYESYES
14.Netherlands (NL)HavocLineoutYESYES
15.European Union / Other (EU)skompDSSYESYES
16.Netherlands (NL)Alpha_CYESYES
17.Netherlands (NL)okkieYES
18.European Union / Other (EU)ExinBenedictionYESYES
19.Germany (DE)RbRSchaedelproduktion,DSS,3LNYES
20.Germany (DE)T$SCX ^ ATZYES
21.Belgium (BE)FRaNKyRBBSYES
22.Germany (DE)Demoscene PassivistAkronyme AnalogikerYES
23.Germany (DE)triggerHoodlumYES
24.European Union / Other (EU)tokraAkronyme AnalogikerYESYES
25.Germany (DE)Mr.CokeAlcatrazYES
26.Germany (DE)IshtitanYESYES
27.Germany (DE)StreeTuFFtRSiYESYES
28.Germany (DE)BombefarbrauschYESYES
29.Germany (DE)VetoArsenic^OxyronYESYES
30.European Union / Other (EU)dEViLOCkArsenicYESYES
31.Germany (DE)gregggnp/dssYES
32.Germany (DE)FnorzYES
33.Germany (DE)cfg_cgnpYESYES
34.Germany (DE)jonnzYES
37.Netherlands (NL)TMC[ROLE]NO
38.European Union / Other (EU)YOGiNO
39.Germany (DE)xyzNO
40.Germany (DE)KFBitFellasNO
41.Germany (DE)v3nomred_scarvesYESNO
42.Germany (DE)methearared_scarvesNO
43.Germany (DE)peiselullitRSiYESNO
44.Germany (DE)M_MyersYESNO
45.Germany (DE)Zed YagoK2YESNO
46.European Union / Other (EU)hardyTRSiNO
47.Germany (DE)Retired DemoscenerAkronyme AnalogikerYESNO
48.Germany (DE)ShylockYESNO
49.Germany (DE)enelohalpha raidYESNO
50.Germany (DE)nosamalpha raidYESNO
51.Germany (DE)zzionalpha raid (prospect)YESNO
52.Germany (DE)VossNO