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Like the cozy atmosphere of small digital bonfires?
Why not join us on IRC as well, we’re on IRCNet at #nordlicht

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The Nordlicht ’15 Team:

Team NORDLICHT, wahey!
[–> OhLi, Medo, Sentcool, SunSpire, Kaomau, miniRbR, Fizzer, TS, wysiwtf]

Main Organizers:

SunSpire [TiTAN|[SceneSat]
Sentcool []
wysiwtf [TiTAN]

Support Organizers:

Alpha C [TRBL|DSS]
DJ Bernd
docd [TRSi]
Fizzer [TiTAN|]
Ford_Prefect [klickbrett]
Kaomau [DeviantArt]
Medo [TiTAN]
neoman [TiTAN]
OhLi [Digital Demolition Krew]
Sláinte [Die Tafel des Schicksals]
TS [Scoopex|Alcatraz]

Demoparties Around The World:

Revision 2015 (Germany)
The Gathering 2015 (Norway)
@Party 2015 (USA)
Syntax Society Easter Party III (Sweden)
Outline 2015 (Netherlands)
Multimatograf 11 (Russia)
RESETkani 2015 (Czech Republic)
Evoke 2015 (Germany)
Sundown 2015 (UK)

For a more comprehensive list of awesome demoparties,
head over to

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