Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t understand. What exactly is the Demoscene?

Please refer to the Wikipedia article. It will give you a very good insight about what the Demoscene is and how you can be a part of it! Then after, continue reading this page or feel inspired to register.

What is Nordlicht?

Nordlicht is an established demoparty created by people who heavily draw their inspiration from many other traditional demoparties, with a focus on bringing joy and fun to those we love and to help spread the word of the Demoscene in modern times. It is a place for creative minds to share their ideas, stories and projects with a likeminded audience. Anyone with an interest in digital art, music or real-time coding will feel right at home in the Demoscene and thus at Nordlicht!

“We’re all kids at heart who like to party hard!”

The idea for Nordlicht first came up at a small Bremen gathering of scene enthusiasts in March 2012, two weeks before the second Revision Demoparty took place in Saarbrücken. We discussed how there are many sceners in the northern parts of Germany, but not a lot of nearby demoparties. We took it upon ourselves to change that. In the beginning, we only joked about hosting a new party and were not entirely serious about it. A bit later it became clear that we had already dipped our heads too deeply into plotting all the details for running a small party, there was no turning back! And so in 2012, Nordlicht became the first demoparty in Bremen since the Siliconvention 1997. The word about this new event spread quickly across the scene. In subsequent years, demosceners from various european countries had joined our visitors.

Why no Intro / Size-Restricted Demo Compo this year?

In previous years, we did not have enough realtime entries to spread them across three categories, so they were combined into two. This year, we are trying out a new approach. The filesize of each and every demo will be mentioned on the bigscreen during the competitions. That way, you get a better idea about how the visuals, audio and code presented to you are pieced together, and it might or might not affect your voting. For instance: “This was a cool looking demo, but does it really have to be 300 megs in size??” Or “The MP3 in this 10 MB demo is 9.5 megs, so the code itself is only 0.5 megs in size, wow!” It eliminates the need for harsh size restrictions in the compos, yet gives the viewer a chance to reward efficient size-coding with their vote if they wish.

I’m driving to Bremen. Where can I park my car?

Parking is easy! There are a few thousand parking spaces available at Waterfront Shopping Center, right opposite the party place. And they are free to use! But please do not keep anything of value in your car! For more travel information, please see this page.

You got this fancy green spot next to the party hall. Can I bring a tent?

Yes! We will reserve a bit of space for visitors wishing to pitch their tents outside. Just keep in mind that the available space is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a busy main road nearby so it might not be the quietest place to sleep at, but silence is not what you are going to a party for, right?

Do you have showers on-site?

No, the location does not have showers. However, a short tram ride will take you to Westbad, a public indoor / outdoor swimming pool with showers, saunas and more!

I cannot attend Nordlicht, do you accept remote entries?

Well shame on you! But on a more serious note .. yes we do! Please see this page for details on how to submit your entry. Good Luck!

I am a DJ or Live Musician and would like to play a set at your party!

Our schedule for 2015 is already filled with lots of music events. But you are very welcome to check back with us next year!

I would like to hold a short speech / seminar about a scene-related topic!

We would be very interested in such a thing! Please get in touch with us via the contact form and tell us more.

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