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DJ Ish


Genre: Various Styles / Scene Music

History is going to repeat itself (and the globe might spin the other way around as a side-effect) when Ish, who performed the first ever Nordlicht DJ set in 2012, returns to make your ears bleed with a toxic combination of DnB, Dubstep and various other established demoscene flavours.


Choco Confectioneries


Genre: K-Pop

The Choco Confectioneries, famously dubbed “Lady Dancers of the Demoscene” are back on stage to present you their latest K-Pop dance routines. After their debut performance last year, E-vee, Lizzy, Qiu and RuNa were joined by Angi, therefore bumping the total number of Choco members up to five.




Genre: Open

Computadora is a nerd with an attitude, he discovered the C64 Demoscene in Germany in the late 80s and was quite obsessed with it until the mid-90s when he upgraded to an Amiga 500 to focus primarily on music. In 1998 he starts DJing mods and xm files for fun at small local parties with no intention to keep doing it but time passes quick and in 2008 he takes over the direction of Bleepstreet Records where he starts organizing bigger nights with Chiptune sets mashed up with Amiga mods, sweaty Electro and Techno around the European underground club nights.

The result of all these years experimenting with music and different computer platforms are more than 50 dates that brought him to DJ at prestigious Demoparties like Evoke (2013,2014) and Revision (2014,2015), Clubs like Berghain Kantine, Club Transmediale, WMF or Tresor in Berlin and festivals around Europe like Gogbot Festival in the Netherlands, Lunchmeat in Prague and countless underground club nights in Milano, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Prague and Berlin.




Genre: House

Timbren will spin his vinyls to set the proper mood for Saturday afternoon’s outdoor party action, because “The real party is outside!”



Genre: Open

dojoe is still unsure what kind of BASS to massage your stomach with, but BASS there will be, and he swears it won’t be Deep House.


Cybernetic Love Commandos


Genre: Chiptunes

Demoscene “FRaNKy” brings you irresistible chippie sounds from the worlds of SID and beyond.


Projekt Ingwyr


Genre: Pagan / Folk

Project Ingwyr was born on a whim, the whim to play a certain style of music. Long term collaborating musicians Henning and Kristina wanted to bridge the gap between dancy modern beats and club sounds on one hand and acoustic, folky, spiritual elements and singing on the other.

This bridge creates a connection between our modern, technically detached world and our roots in nature and culture. Their resulting music is fast to grasp, entangling and driving the listener into a pleasant dancy-trancy state. Name and logo are taken from pagan religions of the north: The god of inspiration, productivity and fertility is asked to grant his power to and through our music. Keep being yourself, stay out of the box, get into the flow – that’s the driving message of Project Ingwyr. Henning and Kristina were recently joined by a new group member, Snaplight, together they will perform brand new songs.

UPDATE: We got word that Projekt Ingwyr sadly couldn’t make it to the party this year. Hopefully they will return next year!

Projekt Ingwyr


Genre: Open

From Hamburg to Cologne to Willemsoord in the Netherlands and now he is coming to Bremen: Farbrausch’s Bombe is no stranger in the Demoscene and has performed a multitude of live sets over the past years. Expect bass-heavy beats with a fruity touch of melody.

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