Party Location

The "Lichthaus" is situated near the river banks of the Weser, opposite the truly huge "Waterfront" shopping center. The historic "Lichthaus" was built in 1916, therefore it is over one hundred years old by now! Considering its high age, it looks amazingly modern and in very good shape. Besides the artistically illuminated front entrance canopy, the building is notable for its complex glass roofing on every floor that gives sunlight access all the way down into the main hall. There are an estimated 200 windows altogether. Currently, the majority of rooms inside "Lichthaus" are let out as offices to various companies.

An overwhelming amount of shops, takeaway places and restaurants are within short walking distance, either directly in the Waterfront Shopping Center or down the road. Various cash points can be found in the area and you have access to thousands of free parking spaces.Westbad is just 2 km away and offers indoor / outdoor swimming pools and showers. You can get there quickly via Trams #2 and #10. -> Westbad is currently being rebuilt from the ground up and therefore closed until at least 2025.

As always, we’re going to have super-comfy chairs available! Despite all the windows and glassy see-through ceiling in the hall, the hall can be completely darkened, providing a bright and clear view onto the bigscreen even during daytime (sceners who've visited Nordlicht since the beginning know, that we weren't always so lucky prior to making Lichthaus our party home) A section of the area upstairs will be used as a sleeping area. Best not to bring king-size mattresses, however, as the space available is limited.

The main party hall will offer space for up to 130 visitors, give or take a few, but there is more! The large grassy green outdoor area in front of the building is perfect for some Open-Air party atmosphere with BBQ grills and music. We will construct a fence around the field so that you can pitch your tent on the grass inside it.

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