NORDLICHT Regular (4 Days): €65

The regular ticket is for all who would just like to visit and enjoy the party in its entirety with no further commitments and at a fair price point. It comes with the following features:
  • Valid for the entire duration of the party
  • A table space to put your stuff on inside the party hall
  • LAN and WLAN internet access
  • BBQ Session and Sunday Breakfast included
  • Participation in any of the competitions

NORDLICHT Early Saver (4 Days): €50

You can obtain Early Saver Tickets for 10€ off the normal entry price until the 19th of May. They come with the same features as the regular ticket.

NORDLICHT Supporter A-I (4 Days): €100 or more

The supporter ticket provides a considerable boost to what we can spend on party features. This will help us with our food, networking and other expenses and improve everyone’s party experience greatly. In addition to all of the regular ticket features above, as a supporter-ticket holder you will:
  • be mentioned on our website as a supporter (or stay anonymous)
  • be mentioned at the prizegiving as a supporter (or stay anonymous)
  • you can send us a sponsoring ad to be shown on the website now and / or on the big screen during the party

NORDLICHT Saturday Compo Ticket (2 Days): €25

If you cannot stick around for the whole duration of the party, but would still like to enjoy the main competition block with us on Saturday, then this ticket is for you:
  • Valid from Saturday, 6th July, 12pm onward until the end of the party
  • Enjoy the BBQ frenzy with us, provided there is still any food left by the time you arrive
Note: It is not necessary to provide your real address and phone number, just fill in the blanks with whatever you like. However, make sure to include your demoscene nick if you have one, otherwise we may be unable to identify you / assign your ticket on the visitor list before the party!

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